Jumpstart Mirror Trainer BASIC Edition

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The BASIC edition contains only the fundamental activities required to develop a foundation for mirror-use. Students who master this device will have a significant advantage in preclinic compared to students with no mirror training. Compared to the ultimate edition, this device does not have a base, so you will need to mount the device to a textbook or other flat surface. This device also does not include mandibular teeth activities, crown preparations, or angled surface activities. However, additional activities can be added with the ESSENTIALS UPGRADE, which is highly recommended.


The BASIC edition includes:

  • Jaw with suction cup attachment
  • 1x High Definition Stainless Steel Mirror
  • 1x Plastic Explorer
  • 1x Dental Handpiece-Shaped Pencil
  • Bur kit containing 1x metal bur and 3x lead burs
  • 5 Arches of Teeth
    • 1x Upper Colored Grooves
    • 1x Upper Colored Dots
    • 3x Upper Cavity Preparations


The Essentials Upgrade is highly recommended

 Click here: Essentials Upgrade details