Essentials Upgrade for BASIC Edition

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The Essentials Upgrade adds 5 additional arches to the BASIC edition which doubles the number of activities that can be performed. Students can now practice crown preparations and angled drilling. An additional upper cavity arch (the most popular activity) is included for extra mirror practice. Two lower cavity arches allow students to practice lower arch drilling. We recommend completing one lower arch with direct vision, which will prepare you for the first drilling assignments in your Preclinic class. Save the second arch for when you are more advanced in your D2 or D3 year. Use this second arch for drilling deep Class II cavity preps with a mirror - a very difficult skill that few graduated dentists are able to perform. 


The Essentials Upgrade includes the following:

2x Lower Cavity Arch

1x Upper Cavity Arch

1x Upper Crown Arch

1x Upper Angled Surface Arch

This is highly recommended for the Basic Edition

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