Survey at UPenn Dental School

A survey was completed by dental students at the end of their 2nd year – this is the period just before entering clinic to treat live patients. This survey showed that students were not yet fluent at using the dental mirror during dental procedures. According to students, the pressure to perform well on the preclinical assignments outweighed the importance of developing appropriate mirror skills during the Preclinical Operative Course. For many, it was overwhelming to learn indirect motor skills while also learning new dental procedures and techniques. This led to the development of bad habits, such as leaning forward and using direct vision. The Jumpstart Mirror Trainer allows students to practice mirror skills before the start of Preclinic. This way, students can develop indirect motor skills properly, without the pressures of needing to perform well on preclinical assignments. This ultimately leads to better ergonomics and also better grades in the preclinical operative course.