Basic Edition User Manual

Step 1: Attach the Jaw to a Portable Surface.

We recommend using a hard textbook or upside-down plate. 


Step 2: Insert Teeth into the Jaw

The arch you place will depend on which activity you are performing. Activity 1 uses "Upper Colored Grooves" which will have black lines in the grooves of the teeth.

To remove teeth:


Step 3: Position the Device on your Lap

Step 4: Adjust the Position of the Jaw

Additional Information



Let's Get Started 

Please note: If you purchased the Essentials Upgrade, you can place the lower cavities arch into the lower jaw. If you do not have this available, you can leave the lower jaw empty. Please note that the pictures corresponding with each activity will show a mandibular arches in the lower jaw from the Ultimate Edition.


Special Note: The lead pieces are very FRAGILE and will break if you apply too much pressure.

Additional lead replacements are available - but they are expensive. Make sure to start with the metal bur (the one with the red indicator). Once you are comfortable using the handpiece with gentle pressure, you can switch to the real lead pieces.


The following activities are only available with the Essentials Upgrade


Activity 6 is meant to help you develop proper line of draw and even margins when performing crown preparations. The shape of crown preparations will vary depending on which dental school you attend. Many dental school program directors recommend that you wait until starting dental school before proceeding to activity 6.