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Using The Mirror Is HARD

The majority of students do not feel comfortable using the mirror when they enter clinic

- Survey from UPenn Dental School

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Drawing on paper does NOT work

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The Jumpstart Mirror Trainer is the Best Mirror Training Device

Step 1: Place the device on your lap

Step 2: Complete the activities to develop Muscle Memory

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PORTABLE: Use at home or any other location

ACTIVITIES MIMIC REAL DENTAL PROCEDURES: Practice several activities in 3-dimensions that develop muscle memory so you can be fluent at manipulating your hands in reverse.

GUIDED INSTRUCTIONS: Learn proper ergonomics through a series of exercises that get progressively more difficult.

CLINICALLY PROVEN: Significantly improve students’ scores on cavity preparation assignments. Published in the Journal of Dental Education

USE BEFORE DENTAL SCHOOL: For best results, develop your mirror skills before entering dental school. This allows you to perform better in the preclinical course during the 1st and 2nd year of dental school, maximizing your grades
while also maintaining proper ergonomics

Clinically Proven - Study at Tufts University


40 first year dental students

3 test groups, each trained for 10 days

   1) Mirroprep (drawing backwards on paper)

   2) Jumpstart Mirror Trainer

   3) Control

Students were evaluated by performing a Maxillary Class I cavity preparation before and after using their respective devices

Citation: McClure, Romian, Eisen, Kugel, Amato. Jumpstart Mirror Trainer: A New Device for Teaching Mirror Skills to First-Year Dental Students. Journal of Dental Education. 2019. DOI: 10.21815/DJE.019.113


The Jumpstart Mirror Trainer activities improved the students’ scores significantly more than the Mirroprep activities (p=0.04) and the control group (p=0.006)

Students in the Jumpstart Mirror Trainer Group rated their device as being more helpful than the control group in preparing them for a maxillary cavity preparation (p=0.001). There was no difference between the Mirroprep group and the control group.

Other devices are less effective and sell for over $250

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Every student should use this! Indirect mirror trainer is a major deficit in dental school.

"This is a no brainer. I felt like I had a huge advantage in preclinic when we started maxillary preparations"

"Indirect Vision is the hardest thing to learn in dental school. I wish this device was around when I was a student."

"The activities are really fun!"

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